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Patrick O’Brien, ICD.D, MIoD is one of the most well respected mining executives and corporate strategists in North America. He presided over the discovery and acquisition of of the largest mining project assemblages in Quebec, world renown as one of the world's most valuable and active mining regions. It wasn't by accident that at one point, Mr. O’Brien held the largest property holdings in the entire province of Quebec. It happened because Mr. O'Brien fully comprehends all aspects of the mining business and possesses  the experience and know-how to recognize mineral claims and projects of merit. He can quickly identify with their geology, potential and strategic value and how they fit into where the markets are headed.

Today, Patrick brings his extensive management experience to Deeprock. He began adding value with the identification and exploration of a small but strategically important Gold/VMS Project in the middle of one of Canada’s most active mining regions in central Quebec. This Ralleau Project is situated right in the middle of the key holdings and two main mining areas of one of today’s most active and successful major mining companies in Canada and this specific region. Patrick’s vision is to leverage this initial Gold/VMS project in Quebec, DeepRock’s most recent gold project acquisition in New Brunswick, and to simultaneously seek other exceptional properties throughout Canada, the USA. 


Mr. O’Brien’s current credentials include being CEO and Chairperson of Junior Mining Incorporated, Executive Editor/Chairperson, CEO/Founder of RockStar Capital Corporation, and CEO/Chairperson of Paymaster Mining Corporation. Mr. O’Brien is a Certified Corporate Director (ICD.D designation) and Member of the Institute of Corporate Directors; and a full member of the Institute of Directors (MIoD designation), Pall Mall, England. He is currently a member of the Mining Association of Canada (MAC). He is also currently on the Advisory Committee of Vanadium One since December 2018, after serving on their Board for two previous years. 


Richard Shatto (President) is a respected business administrator of public companies in Canada. Until recently he has been a director and officer of a dozen or more companies in Canada. He is acknowledged as a highly respected senior level business management consultant with experience and expertise in a broad spectrum of corporate functions including: administration, finance, marketing, communications, branding, and sales.


Currently, he is taking care of the administration end of Deeprock’s business, so Patrick and Christian can apply their unique magic to the critical job of prospecting, acquiring, and developing exceptional mineral properties. 


Richard’s early education and career successes provided him a core competency for creative and corporate communications; including creative writing, conceptual branding, content creation, public and government relations communications, and social media. Richard studied Business and Marketing Communications at Biola University in La Mirada California. His education coupled with his years of corporate experience will prove invaluable to the future endeavours of DeepRock Minerals.


Over the past 15 years Richard has worked closely with senior management teams and Boards of Directors helping them visualize, develop, and implement business strategies that lead to increased revenues, corporate growth, and the achievement of corporate success.


In recent years Richard has focussed his attention on start-ups and macro-companies and their specific challenges. He’s helped with developing concise visions upon which they can build the critical platforms for their corporate structure. Richard has guided several businesses, both Canadian and U.S., with their requirements for going public on the TSX Venture exchange as well as the Canadian Securities Exchange, where in several cases he served as a director and/or senior officer in their C-suite.


Matthew Reams, age 50, has 30 years of experience in the information technology industry. He has extensive experience in project management, customer relations, and business development. He was a director of Quantex Capital Corporation, an OTC-listed company, from November 2003 to May 2007. He was also president, CEO, CFO, secretary and treasurer of Suja Minerals Corp., an OTC-listed company, from May 2010 to June 2013, and continued to be the president, interim CFO, secretary and treasurer after Suja Minerals changed its name to GEI Global Energy, from June 2013 to January 2014. He was a director of Greenflag Ventures Inc., a company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, from May 2014 until December 2014.


Christian Derosier (VP Exploration) P.Geo, D.Sc. is considered by many in the Canadian mining industry one of the country’s most talented and accomplished geologists. Bounding with energy, Mr Derosier is equally comfortable pouring over documents in the office, cores in the core shacks, or directly in the field, and regardless of where he is, he knows exactly what he is looking for. He is known for his exceptional geological acumen. Christian has been integral in the initial discovery, assessment and development of some of Canada’s largest and best quality mining properties including two of Canada’s most significant Vanadium-Titanium-Iron resources the Lac Dore and Iron-T, each located in Quebec. 


Mr Derosier’s experience is not limited to Canada. He has spearheaded an expansive range of worldwide assignments for both Canadian and International exploration and mining companies, amassing an enormous wealth of global experience heading projects in the USA, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, People’s Republic of China, Belgium, France, Cameroon, Guinea, Ghana, Madagascar, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Haiti, and Guyana. 


Mr Derosier’s also goes beyond geology. He’s also managed exploration and prospecting programs, carried out economic impact studies, arranged mining financing, supervised extensive drill programs, evaluated mineral deposits and producing mines, compiled inventories of resources and reserves, and undertaken ore reserve calculations.


Today, Christian is pouring over property and geology reports looking for superior properties that match his narrow evaluation criteria, as he seeks to realize one-of-a-kind properties that will provide genuine above-average potential for Deeprock’s shareholders.

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