• Richard Shatto

Deeprock's Location, Location, Location.

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Location, location, location is a well rehearsed adage for expressing one of the most critical aspects of many capital assets whether that is the personal neighbourhood one lives in, or a well traveled road for a busy retail franchise. But, in few businesses does location play a more focused role than mining. For mining, location is assiduously studied, measure, and analyzed to narrow location down to those meters and centimeters where carefully selected drill holes finally intersect with those rich geological mineral formations. If right, those locations make for those true eureka moments when exceptional shareholder value finally becomes a reality.

But before those eureka moments, junior mining companies must have expended a lot of resources, and harnessed a lot of expertise to identify and acquire properties located at least in the right ballparks. Those ballparks are the geological regions, measured more broadly in hectares and kilometers where a few claims have any realistic chance of hitting a strike.

Deeprock's Ralleau Quebec property is one of those with claims genuinely located in a ballpark where a homerun is possible. The Ralleau claims are nestled directly between Osisko's major activity in the Abitibi greenstone belt. Ralleau borders the west side of Osisko's Windfall claims and is within a few short kilometers of their active drilling programs.

Deeprock Mineral's Ralleau Project Claims Map
Deeprock's 59 claims in the Abitibi greenstone belt 700 miles NNW of Montreal Canada on the western border of Osisko's Windfall Lake claims.

In its September 20, 2019 story (below), Mining.com explains that gold exploration and drilling is up and optimism is returning to the markets. Additionally, the article ranks Osisko's Windfall Lake Project at #4 (see the botton chart) in its list of the top high-grade gold drill intersects in July 2019. Deeprock's Ralleau claims border of Osisko's Windfall Project, making Ralleau a significant "ballpark" location.

We'll leave you to read the article below and judge for yourself, but for us and Deeprock's investors, Ralleau points to a great opportunity for Deeprock and why we as management are enthusiastically moving forward on an aggressive exploration program for our exciting Project.